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Prevent bag snatching!

Bag-Secur! is a new design concept to assist in the prevention of smash and grabs. Attach handbag/ laptop strap to carabiner hook and then secure the other end into your seatbelt.

What's it all about?

LTDS is the holding company of BAG-Secur! and has been in existence since 1998. BAG-Secur! is a product/brand that falls under the LTDS banner.

A woman's handbag has virtually their whole life in it (purse, wallet, ID document, Credit cards etc.) and should that handbag be stolen it is a major inconvenience and time consuming job to try and replace all the items.

The same with a laptop, should that be stolen it is valuable data that you may have lost and will never be able to retrieve, hence using BAG-Secur! as a preventive measure against this happening.

It's a simple process...

To use BAG-Secur! in your car, all you have to do is attach the carabiner to your bag, and insert the BAG-Secur! seat belt attachment into the seat belt clip.

Bag-Secur! has other functionalities in providing additional security. Secure carabino to your handbag and loop handbag strap around your trolley and secure caribino through seatbelt attatchment to ensure additional prevention of bag snatching whilst shopping. Same concept can be used whilst at a restaurant to secure around a chair and can also be used to secure on belt, skirt & trouser loops to prevent theft of handbag whilst walking.

Our BAG-Secur! product can be custom branded for companies that make great gifts or promotional items.




‘SA Police Service - Crime Research & Statistics’

Reported an increase of 9,016 ‘smash and grab’ incidents for the 2012/2013 period, with a total of 134,921 reported cases for the same period.


Let BAG-Secur! assist by safeguarding against this happening to you or a loved one!

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